About Us
Global Leader In Eye Care Solutions

Originated since 1987, Brieye has been specializing in eye health care field for 35 years. With scientific innovation, natural safety as the product concept, Brieye focuses on providing "one-stop" eye solutions for tens of millions of users around the world.

R & D strength
The company has 5 R & Dcenters and 3 production sites in Italy, Norway, Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain. Together with 8 authoritative ophthalmologists globally, we have formed an advisory panel to build an ophthalmic research center with top international universities and experimental research institutions. With the leading scientific technology, our products are turly safe, comfortable and effective.

The founder, Dr. Maria, established a personal eye clinic in Milan, Italy, in 1987. After that, the concept of "eyelid cleansing" care was first proposed after She following 200 eye surgery care studies.
Subsequently, the first eyelid cleaning wipes product was launched, and be sold at offline channels.

After many years of Ophthalmology experience, regarding the needs of eye health, the Maria medical team and the Eye Institute have jointly developed a line of eye care products including eyelid cleaning, eye drops, eye masks and dietary supplements.

With more than 30 years of market validation and professional recognition, the team now have initially formed the matrix system of "one-stop" eye care products.